Joe Rogan’s Former Business Partner Opens Up About Podcast Controversy

Joe Rogan’s Former Business Partner Aubrey Marcus has spoken openly about the controversy surrounding the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. 

Earlier in 2022, Rogan was accused of spreading false rhetoric about the coronavirus, vaccines and treatments.

“Joe is always just curious, (he) brings people on that he wants to talk to and he asks them questions and he tries to figure stuff out,” Marcus told Sarah Grynberg on the A Life Of Greatness Podcast.

“This is what a podcast is for. It’s a person who has questions and an opinion and they want to figure shit out,” he said. 

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You can listen to the extended conversation here:

“Joe’s having conversations with people he wants to have conversations with, and people are gravitating toward that. Why? Because he’s not captured. He’s not bought.”

“He has integrity and also honesty and he’s just going to talk about what he wants to talk about and people like that. 

“People like listening to someone who doesn’t have an agenda. And I think that’s why he became so wildly popular and then of course why so many people attacked him.”