Isaiah Firebrace Swaps Microphone For Pen

When he was only 16 Isaiah Firebrace won the X-Factor. The following year in 2017 he represented Australia at Eurovision. Now 23 Isaiah is a successful recording artist – but he used his time in Covid to pursue another passion: celebrating First Nations culture.

His first children’s book is called Come Together, Things Every Aussie Kid Should know about the First Peoples was written across the lockdowns of the pandemic. Speaking on the Feed Play Love Isaiah said Australia has an incredible history that we’re just not teaching kids,

“In the history subjects, we’re taught about JFK and America’s history and Germany’s history and all those other countries and about all of these very important things to know about in the history of the world. But I’m like, why not Australia? Why not teach the history of Australia and the history of this land? The 60,000 history, you know, not the 250 year old history.”

Listen to the full interview now: