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Is TikTok’s Bold Glamour Filter Contributing To Unrealistic Beauty Standards?

In case you’re not quite up to date on the latest TikTok trends, there is a shockingly realistic filter that has become extremely popular across the platform which alters the user’s face to make them a more attractive version of themselves.

The Bold Glamour filter, which has been used more than 16 million times, alters a user’s bone structure, plumps up their lips, thickens their brows and narrows their nose while also applying a subtle amount of artificial make up to make a person appear more attractive. 

The filter works in real time, moving with the user’s facial expressions, making the filter appear disturbingly realistic. 

So, how exactly does the filter work? Most augmented reality filters utilise a type of software called face mesh, which uses a 3D model of a face and takes a user’s 2D camera feed before mapping it onto a 3D computer generated model. The model then tracks and moves along with your face which can manipulate and alter your appearance. 

While they may seem harmless, a number of studies believe the use of realistic, glamourising augmented reality filters could negatively impact our long-term mental health. 

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“A 2021 UK study into the impacts of smartphones and social media in young women and non-binary people found that 94 percent felt pressure to look a certain way and 90 percent admitted that they used filters or edited their photos before posting them online” Cosmos Magazine journalist Imma Perfetto said. 

“There’s a growing body of research that indicates that these filters can be harmful for our mental health.”

In the latest episode of Huh? Science Explained, science journalist Imma Perfetto explains how some of the most popular snapchat and TikTok filters were developed and whether these filters are harmless fun, or a threat to our mental well-being. 

Tune into the full episode below… 

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