“I’m Out Of Action For 3 Weeks…” Is Abby Heading To The Jungle?!?

Could Abby be heading into the jungle for the next season of Network Ten’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!?

The Queen of Brisbane revealed she would be unavailable to fulfil her regular breakfast radio gig for three weeks from this week because she was heading to the hospital to get surgery on her shoulder that she injured 8 years ago.

Fellow co-hosts Matty and Stav are more than convinced she is heading into the jungle as her three boys are flying to Adelaide for the holidays to stay with her parents while she “recovers.”

Listen to the theory below… are you as convinced as us?

We spoke to hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown last week- and now that we’re listening back to it again, WE ARE SHOOK WE DIDN’T REALISE SOONER!!!

(Listen to the chat with Julia and Chris below- we’ve time tagged it for you!):

Abby provided a range of sketchy responses to when and what surgery she is getting, as well as subtly dropping questions about passports, international data roaming, being spotted at camping stores and is not replying to our texts…

The only person who could pull something off like this would be the Mole runner up, Abby Coleman.

So what do you think, is Abs heading into the South African Jungle?