Meghan Trainor in-studio wide-mouth laughing with Kyle Sandilands and Harry Connick-Jr at Australian Idol

Meghan Trainor Spills On THAT Australian Idol Beef With Kyle Sandilands!

The rumour has been floating around that Aussie ‘shock jock’ Kyle Sandilands and American crooner Harry Connick-Jr have been beefing during their time as judges on the big Australian Idol return. So, what better source to turn to about the beef than the judge who sits in between them!

Pop sensation and Idol judge Meghan Trainor joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to address THAT Idol beef, also talking about her brand new single ‘Mother’ and getting the mother-of-all-mothers Kris Jenner to join in on the track!

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Meghan Trainor addresses the BEEF here:

“Kyle loves beef…” Meghan Trainor explains.

“I think he just likes to cause a storm…”

Fifi was also thoroughly impressed about her pregnancy while judging on Idol.

I’m crushing it, but i did get gastro while I was here… I was like, ‘please don’t throw up on live television’.”

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