How Robbie Williams Influenced Camilla Franks’ Parenting Journey

When you think of Camilla, a montage of beautiful women wearing loud and luxurious prints on billowing kaftans is probably one of the first things to cross your mind. For me, I immediately picture Jennifer Coolidge in all of her fabulousness, donning bright resort-wear on HBO mega-hit White Lotus. 

While Camilla’s brand of luxury clothing has become a household name, not just here in Australia, but worldwide, there is so much more to the woman behind the brand.

After her eclectic range of high-end, bohemian style designs was launched from Bondi, Sydney in 2004, it didn’t take long for big names started to take notice including the likes of Oprah, J-Lo and the Queen herself – Beyonce. 

Evolving into a global powerhouse meant Camilla was working harder than ever, nurturing a booming business while also fighting her own personal battle after being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Camilla Franks ‘It was just so terrifying’:

Her cancer journey led to her losing her locks, which she told Jess Rowe forced her to revaluate her understanding of self-acceptance. 

“It was pretty confronting. I found a lump in my breast, everyone thought it was mastitis,” she said. 

“I got the biopsy, and it was… yep, you’ve got stage three breast cancer.” 

Camilla said that her eight-week-old daughter was what gave her the strength to push through treatment. 

“She was eight weeks old, and it gave me every purpose to thrive and survive.” 

While her journey hasn’t been an easy one, there was a stand-out moment along the way which saw her strike up an unexpected collaboration and friendship with the hilarious Robbie Williams. 

“Working with Robbie was definitely a journey. He’s one beautiful human being,” she said. 

Camilla Franks joins Jess Rowe to chat about her incredible journey to self-discovery, how she wound up dressing Jennifer Coolidge for White Lotus and her scandalously funny zoom call with Robbie which exposed a little more of him than she was ready for. 

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