How Dr Richard Schwartz Is Healing Families With IFS Therapy

While therapy is undoubtedly an effective way to address familial issues, sometimes it might not be enough to repair the cracks within family units. 

This is why therapist and author Dr Richard Schwartz developed Internal Family Systems, which aims to address deep-seated trauma and use it to better interfamily relationships. 

Dr Schwartz has already helped dozens of people through the use of IFS therapy including a handful of high-profile celebrities.

Dr Richard Schwartz: The Therapy That Is Changing People’s Lives

Dr Schwartz explains to Sarah Grynberg in this episode of A Life Of Greatness, that the IFS model is a transformative method of psychotherapy which uses past trauma to identify fractured parts of oneself. 

“The big deal about IFS is that it turns out that that self, with all those great qualities is in everybody, can’t be damaged and is just beneath the surface of these parts so that when they open space, it pops out spontaneously and it knows how to heal automatically,” Dr Schwartz said. 

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According to Dr Schwartz, we can help to relax these parts through the use of meditation.

“You access more of that self and that’s what a lot of meditations are about. Even mindfulness, just noticing your thoughts and emotions is separating from your parts,” he said. 

Dr Richard Schwartz joins Sarah for an enlightening chat about the power of opening oneself up to past trauma and meditation and how the introduction of psychedelics into psychotherapy could change a person’s life for the better. 

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