grammy's seat filler explains to cliffo and bronte what happened between jlo and ben affleck at the grammys

Grammy’s Seat Filler Anna Tells Us What J-Lo And Ben Affleck Whispered To Each Other!

Brushing shoulders with all the stars is a literal dream and it’s one you can have if you’re an official seat-filler!

Hit Network’s Cliffo & Bronte speak with Anna (@almostanna) who went viral on TikTok, to find out EXACTLY what lovebirds J-LO and Ben Affleck whispered to each other.


“I was seated right next to him and J-Lo,” Anna said, “J-Lo actually handed her phone to him.”

If you know, you know (IYKYK).

Cliffo described Ben Affleck’s apparent “bored” vibe, which has turned into a constant meme over the years.

“He was just the vibes of any man dragged along to his wife’s work event,” Cliffo said.

Anna added that she “really wanted to sit next to Harry Styles” but apparently her friend did and he’s SUPER NICE!

AND If that wasn’t enough, Anna shares just how close she got to Beyoncé, as well as Adele and Taylor Swift!

Anna’s viral behind-the-scenes deep-dive has garnered 4M views since it was posted.

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