FBOY Island’s Molly Responds To THOSE Vile Comments

Imagine this: Your wedding is happening in 5 months time, you’ve just bought a new puppy with your gorgeous fiance, and when you decide to surprise him one day at work, you walk in on him with another woman bent under his desk giving him a blow job he’ll later regret (we’re talking naked-begging-for-forgiveness-type-of regret) .

So, what would you do if that happened to you?

Would you, for example, decide to apply for a reality TV show where F*** Boys are punished for their sins?

Well, that’s exactly what 26 year old Occupational Therapist Molly did.

In the latest It’s A Lot episode, Molly reveals more details of the traumatic cheating incident that drove her to apply to Australia’s HOTTEST reality TV show at the moment; FBoy Island Australia.

What’s even wilder than her story is that one of the men on FBOY (Caleb) claimed that the reason this happened to her was because she had ‘bad pussy’ and that there’s no way her ex would’ve stayed with her if she wasn’t good in the bedroom. 

Now comes the glorious part: In a cathartic chat with Abbie Chatfield on It’s A Lot podcast, Molly gets to say her piece.

Listen Now to hear what Molly went through and what she said about Caleb: