“I Was Living In Fear” – Erin Molan Opens Up About Online Bullying & Harassment

Joining Sarah Grynberg is radio, tv host and social justice advocate Erin Molan, whose influence has helped in the passing of the ‘Online Safety Act’, a new Australian legislation resulting in tougher laws for child and adult cyberbullying & abuse.

“The comments were so bad, like I want you to die, I was living in fear”

In this in-depth conversation, Sarah and Erin discuss the power of connecting and expressing that which is truly meaningful, the importance of gender equity, the nasty effects of cyber bullying, dealing with the grief of losing her dad and how trauma can be the vehicle for our immense growth.

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If you are looking to understand how to make the most out of what life can offer you – and to trust yourself even while navigating the lows, then let this insightful conversation and Erin’s enlightening words not only help you connect with the healthy facets of your life; but help you see that the experiences that befall us are also there in hindsight: to grow our own uniqueness.  

Listen to the chat now:

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