Chumpy and Ellidy

Ellidy Shares Extraordinary Encounters Three Years After ‘Chumpy’ Pullin’s Tragic Death

Ellidy is commemorating her husband, three years after Winter Olympian Chumpy Pullin died in a tragic diving accident. 

While the journey has been long, Ellidy is a big believer that “things happen when you’re ready for them” and recently she was faced with something beautiful and undoubtedly difficult, but something she felt she was finally ready for. 

Three Years Without Chump

Last month, pro-surfer Mick Fanning hosted a charity golf day to raise money for NSW flood victims which saw a bunch of big names and faces come together to raise $580,000. 

Ellidy was one of those faces and among them, two people she never expected to meet who had also been heavily impacted by Chumpy’s death. 

“I’m not going to name names either because like maybe they don’t want this,” Ellidy said. 

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“So, I had this beautiful guy come up to me and he was like El, I’ve been wanting to bump into you, and I’ve been wanting to say this for so long.” 

Ellidy shares the emotional moment she bumped into two men whose lives were also changed the day Chumpy passed away. 

“He was crying. He’s like, I wanted – I was like trying to save him… I was just like, holy f**k.”

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