Chumpy Pullin and Ellidy Pullin

Ellidy Pullin Shares The Eerie Lyrics Her Late Partner Chumpy Wrote Before His Death

This week on Darling, Shine!, Chloe and Ellidy celebrated the life of Ellidy’s late partner, Australian snowboarder and musician, Alex “Chumpy” Pullin.

Chumpy passed away in July 2020 while spearfishing on the Gold Coast, devastating all those who loved him. 

In the new episode of Darling, Shine!, Ellidy reveals the eerie lyrics Chumpy had written years before his death, and why they have such a strong connection to what unfolded that winter’s morning on the Gold Coast.

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Thankfully, Ellidy has been blessed with a daughter, Minnie, who she shares with her late partner, who was conceived via IVF. 

This episode also reveals the heart-warming thing a gardener said when working on Ellidy’s yard recently, the girls celebrate Chumpy’s life and achievements, and Ellidy reads an excerpt from her book, Heartstrong.