How popular is your favourite frothy? What beers are quenching most hard-earned Aussie thirsts?

Loren brought the full list of Australia’s top 10 selling beers to Fact Check rounding off today’s The Marty Sheargold Show.

While Foster’s remains the best-selling Aussie beer overseas, it doesn’t get close to the top ten selling here. Who even sees people drinking Foster’s in this country? Meanwhile the Pommies are swimming in the stuff.

Back to the Aussie list for the beers most sold Down Under and top spot was taken out by Great Northern, with Carlton Dry second and XXXX Gold third.

Six of Australia’s top 10 selling beers are brewed by CUB/Asahi, with three brewed by Lion/Kirin. The one independent being Cooper’s. Listen in to the full list above.

Non-alcohol beer accounts for just over one per cent of beer sales at the retail level in Australia; industry experts expect that figure to rise to at least two per cent by next year.

Within an alcoholic beverage market worth some $16.3 billion, beer makes up about 48%, compared to wine at 29%, and spirits at 21%.

Within the beer sector, premium beers have a 7.8% share of the Australian market; full-strength beer has 70.6%; mid-strength holds 12%; and light beer has 9.6%. 85% of Australian beer is produced by national brewers, the remainder by regional or microbreweries. 

And that’s a Fact Check! Thanks very much, Loz. Anyone else built up a bit of a thirst?

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