Aunty Donna speaking with The Most Music Breakfast Show with Pete, Matt & Kymba about Fast Eddy's.

Aunty Donna Genuinely Gutted At News Of Fast Eddy’s Demise

The Youtube sensations and now stars of Netflix AND the new Dungeons and Dragons movie, Aunty Donna, spoke to The Most Music Breakfast Show with Pete, Matt & Kymba this morning about their brand new role in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and were GUTTED to hear that Fast Eddy’s is no more.


“no, no, goodness gracious me.

“You’re telling me that Fast Eddy’s is closed? We’re here promoting a global film and you’re telling me that kind of power to Mix in Perth, that can’t get Fast Eddy’s open?”

Sorry to say boys, but no.

The movie, starring Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez amongst many others, promises much for lovers of the game and those not so familiar with it. The boys in Aunty Donna said so.

It opens March 30.

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