Jonah Hill, Fifi Box & Jules Lund from 21 Jump Street junket in 2012. Brendan Fevola reacting to audio

Audio Has Resurfaced Of Jonah Hill Absolutely Losing It At Fifi & Jules From 2012

I wouldn’t want to be Jonah Hill right now, after alleged texts have been leaked of him from ex-girlfriend, professional surfer Sarah Brady… and the screenshots are not pretty.

I guess this is probably a good time to resurface audio from 2012 when Fifi & Jules interviewed Jonah Hill for his film 21 Jump Street, and he was not a nice guy about it.


“Last time you were out here Jonah, you hooked up with a friend of mine – you didn’t call her”

“That’s bulls**t”

“You’re talking to two people that have no shame in hiding anything from their past”

“But we don’t know enough about you to dig up all the s**t from your past”

“So if I knew anything about you, or I cared enough, I would dig up all the embarrassing s**t from your past and I would rip on you about it”

“But you know what, we have guns and we don’t care”

Wow, what a d*ck!

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