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Binge These Audio Dramas Over The Long Weekend

If you’re an avid podcast and audiobook listener, you’re bound to love these audio-dramas. Perfect to binge listen to over the Easter long weekend.

The Younger Man

Sound familiar? The Younger Man is based on Zoë Foster-Blake‘s best-selling book!

This 8-part audio fiction series follows the story of Abby Vaughn, a successful thirty-something woman on the brink of burnout. While she insists she doesn’t have time for a serious relationship, a one-night stand with twenty-three year old Marcus turns out to be more than she initially imagined…

It’s perfect for anyone who loves a good rom-com!

Listen to episode 1:

Episodes 2-8 are available on LiSTNR or other podcasting platforms.

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You Don’t Know Me

If you’re more of a crime junkie, get stuck into this crime-thriller audio drama about the unsolved case of a missing Northern Beaches teen.

Red headed missing girl in dark forest

In 2014, Lizzie Burdett left her boyfriend’s house and was never seen again. Eight years later, a coroner’s inquest is held, exposing the secrets of this small town.

Adapted from a novel by award-winning Australian crime writer Sara Foster, this series is full of unseen twists and turns.

Listen to episode 1:

Episodes 2 and 3 are out now on LiSTNR, with new episodes released on Thursdays.

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