Apparently Urzila Has Been Held Hostage In Her Undies

From threesomes to casual hostage situations, this episode of That’s Enough Already is simply wild. 

Joining Urzila on the show is fellow comedian Ivan Aristeguieta, who apparently has the weirdest thing ever in common with Urzila. 

Apparently, the pair have BOTH been involved in hostage situations and for some reason, it’s absolutely hilarious. 

Did Someone Say Threesome? With Ivan Aristeguieta

“My car was robbed with me in it,” Ivan told Urzila. 

 So, they make me drive it. I was at gunpoint. They make me follow the other car because they stole two cars and they were a big gang.” 

Ivan goes on to reveal that the thieves were planning to rob his house until he managed to come up with a very clever lie.

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While it’s crazy enough to have one former hostage in the room, we apparently had two former hostages in the studio with Urzila sharing her own super weird hostage situation that left her standing around with her knees in the breeze alongside a bunch of random strangers. 

That’s why I can never join a swingers club, because I feel like I’ve been in one – I’ve already been f****d over naked in a room full of people.

Urzila Carlson

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