Fortune and Arnie

Apparently Arnie Isn’t The Most Famous Person In Fortune Feimster’s Contacts List

In this week’s episode of That’s Enough Already, Urzila is joined by the one and only Fortune Feimster!

The American comedian, writer and actress not only has her own stand-up show on Netflix, but a bunch of hilarious TV and movie show appearances under her belt – most recently in the action/comedy FUBAR starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Yes, THE Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Fortune Feimster Shares The Scoop On Arnold Schwarzenegger

Having worked with a bunch of super stars, Urzila was naturally keen to find out who the most famous person is that Fortune has in her contacts list and apparently, it’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

I would say Arnold, but he doesn’t have a phone.

Fortune Feimster

“He has an iPad and he’ll FaceTime people occasionally, but he doesn’t want to text, he doesn’t want to talk.” 

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While Arnold is obviously a pretty impressive person to know, Fortune has a couple of contacts who arguably even more famous than The Terminator.

Urzila and Fortune chew the fat, talking comedy gigs at strip clubs, bombing on stage and the time they first met in a bathroom. 

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