Abbie in Thailand

Abbie’s Taking Time Out For Self-Care In Thailand

Workoholics – and we know there’s plenty of you out there listening – Abbie has a message for you all this week instead of her regular episode of It’s A Lot.

While there is nothing wrong with working hard, it’s still extremely important that you are taking care of yourself and leaving time in the day for self-care.

This could be a hot shower at the end of a long day, yoga, or spending some quality time on the couch with a face mask and binging some quality reality TV (ughhumm, FBOY Island for example). 

You’re Gunna Think I’ve Joined A Cult Or Commune

While it sounds simple enough, sometimes it’s actually tough to fit these things into your schedule, which is why Abbie has tapped out and ducked off to Thailand for a bit of much needed R&R. 

“I came to this retreat and I’ve been absolutely depleted and burnt out by the start of this year for a number of reasons. But I’ve been here for about five days and I think I’ve realised that my priorities need to shift a bit,” Abbie said.

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“I’ve realised that I have a real addiction to work. These five days here have been incredibly difficult, which is bizarre because all I’ve done is sit around and get massages and swim and it’s not been difficult, obviously, for that reason; but mentally I think I have a genuine addiction to work.” 

In a candid announcement to her listeners, Abbie shares why it’s important to find value outside of work and why she’s taking the week off to lap up some sand, sun and self-care. 

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