Abbie Chatfield Speaks Out In Defence Of Dave Hughes After Online Trolling 

Image: Network Ten

Abbie Chatfield is the newest addition to the Masked Singer family, joining the likes of Mel B, Chrissie Swan and Dave Hughes.

Despite loving her experience on the show and her fellow judges, Abbie has had to come out in defence of Hughesy on her podcast It’s A Lot after receiving a message in her inbox describing him as an “average white man” and reading other comments from viewers hoping to see her “eat him alive” on TV. 

“I will defend Dave Hughes ’til the day that I die,” Abbie began. 

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“Hughesy works so hard… no one can have a 20-year-long career in Australian media – actually you could – but, you couldn’t have one where no one has anything bad to say about you.”

Speaking about her experience with the media during her time on The Bachelor, Abbie added, “our feminist king, Hughesy, was the only one who defended me.”

Take a listen below: 

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