Abbie Chatfield Might Be Going Monogamous

It’s A Lot host Abbie Chatfield has been fairly open about the fact that monogamy is not her thing. 

In fact, Abbie was one of the very first Australian celebrities to announce that she is “open” or “non-monogamous”. 

In case you need clarification, non-monogamy is a term that refers to any type of relationship that involves more than two people meaning you have full permission to seek out a bit of action outside of the confines of a two person or “monogamous” relationship. Dependent of course, on the boundaries agreed upon by your significant other or in this case – others. 

Abbie first made the revelation while dating her ex-partner and former bachelorette star Konrad Bien but apparently, she might be starting to reconsider her stand on monogamy. 

Hmmm… Do I Want Monogamy?

“Well, I think that if I met someone that I really liked, I think initially I’d want to be monogamous,” she said. 

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“I would be open to it. And I think that it’s probably also because I feel like right now with the roster I have, like, I mean I have like a patchwork; I’ve been described as like a patchwork of people and I told this to one of the patches…

“He took it as I was saying, like, well, no one’s good enough for me and no one’s enough for me and I need to have all these people to make up one full relationship because no one will ever be good enough for me and that’s obviously his insecurities.”

Abbie gets candid about her experiences in non-monogamous relationships and whether she thinks there could be someone out there who can penetrate her “non-vaginal walls”. 

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