Crime scene board with photos of Kathryn Fox and Crime Insiders Forensics podcast artwork

Behind the blood spatter on the Crime Insiders: Forensics Podcast

Our new breakthrough podcast series, Crime Insiders: Forensics, unpacks the work of Australia’s most decorated forensic experts, detailing the methods and sciences used to help solve complex, high-profile crimes.

The series is hosted by Kathryn Fox, a crime author, screenwriter, and former general practitioner with a forensic focus. She’s written 8 best-selling crime fiction books, including Private Sydney, co-written with James Patterson.

Covering everything from blood spatter to disaster victim identification, Crime Insiders: Forensics leaves no stone unturned when looking at the latest in scientific breakthroughs.

Kathryn caught up with Podcast Week’s Tess Connery to discuss the podcast series.

“The new advances in science are incredible, and even hearing about maggots – that they can actually contain the DNA of the victims and possibly the murderers – that’s pretty exciting that they are what they consume. When you look at things in a different way, the possibilities are endless, particularly for assisting with solving crime and trying to determine scientifically on the evidence base, what actually happened and who was likely to have done it.”

The Podcast Guests

When asked what it is that she’s looking for in her guests on the podcast, Fox says that it’s “people who are passionate about their job and people who show humanity in their work,” which has resulted in a particular common thread.

“That’s the thing that has struck me the absolute most – guests are often dealing with the very dark side of life and death, and yet they are honour bound to the victims. One said she’d be the last doctor a person will ever be examined by. They take the work incredibly seriously, but also the respect for the victims and victims families is paramount.”

Respecting The Victims And Their Families

With the ethics of true crime having a spotlight shone on them recently, Fox is working to remove the romance around the genre.

“For me, especially as a doctor, there’s nothing that I want to do that will glamorise crime, I don’t want to click bait gore or anything gratuitous related to that crime.”

Fox says that she hopes when listeners tune into Crime Insiders: Forensics, they find the answers that they’ve been looking for whilst listening to other crime stories. 

Listen to the series now: