5 True Crime Podcasts To Binge This Summer

Get stuck into these binge-worthy true crime podcasts over the break.

1. The Children In The Pictures

The story you weren’t allowed to hear is finally out in the open. Australian documentary-maker Akhim Dev follows the Queensland Police investigation of a notorious child exploitation website. This 8 part series is a powerful examination into how child abuse has become endemic online, and what we can all do to fight it. Listen to episode 1 now:

2. In Plain Sight

This podcast series tells the story of Jonathan Dick, a man who brutally murdered his brother at a Doncaster shopping centre. Many think he’s dead until he strikes again. Real Crime investigator Adam Shand describes Jono’s dramatic capture after two and a half years on the run. Listen to episode 1 now:

3. Dr. Death

All physicians are taught, “First do no harm.” But what happens when a doctor does harm his patients? This series follows the horrifying true story of former American neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch, 33 patients and a spineless system that failed to protect them. Listen to episode 1 now:

4. The Disappearance of Lucille Butterworth

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Real Crime investigator Adam Shand probes the 1969 disappearance of 20-year-old Lucille Butterworth from a bus stop in Hobart. Police believe she is a runaway who will return and fail to search for weeks. Eventually, a suspect is identified but not charged. Listen to episode 1 now:

5. BBC Fairy Meadow

3 year old Cheryl Grimmer disappeared without a trace from Fairy Meadow beach, New South Wales, in 1970. Investigators found a confession in 2016, but the suspect known as ‘Mercury’ walked free because the confession was deemed inadmissible. Listen to episode 1 now:

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