Graffiti of Australian gangs in Melbourne

5 Podcasts About Australian Gang Crimes

Hear from some of the people closest to these Australian gangland stories:

1. Melbourne Gangster

Behind every gangland story – there’s a family. When Mario Condello was brutally slain in Melbourne in 2006, Enzo Condello, the brother of Mario, could have followed a similar path but chose to become a writer. He reflects on his brother’s murder and his role as Australia’s ambassador to the mafia:

2. The rise and fall of the Brothers 4 Life

Is Sydney at war? It seems like crooks are dropping like flies at the moment but former Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace says “The more sophisticated the gang the less violence you’ll see – they know it’s bad for business”. Investigative Journalist Adam Shand chats with Deb about Bassam Hamzy, the rise of the Brothers 4 Life gang and how they tore themselves apart:

3. Jailhouse Lawyer

How would you survive time in prison? As a former associate of some of Melbournes key underworld figures, David McCulloch reveals how he survived in a jail by helping others to fight for freedom – becoming the Jailhouse Lawyer:

This is one of the most unusual redemption stories you’ll ever hear.

In part 2, hear how Jailhouse Lawyer David McCulloch faced new charges after a former friend Carl Williams betrayed him.

In this final episode, investigative reporter Adam Shand reports on the arrest of David McCulloch and how he was deported to a home he left 50 years ago.

4. Lawyer X

This is the story of Nicola Gobbo, aka ‘Lawyer X’, a double agent playing a deadly game.

Listen to more episodes here: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

5. The Real Chopper Read

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read is a name synonymous with crime and violence in Australia.

He confessed to a number of horrific crimes and wrote a bestselling book, Chopper: From The Inside, but how much of it was true?

In this two-part episode, hear from the managers who handled Chopper:

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