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Want To Try Some New Adult Toys? Applications Are Now Open!

Have you ever been curious about trying new sex toys? Well now’s your chance! 

Comedian / podcaster Christian Hull (host of Complete Drivel) is launching a line of adult toys and is looking to do some market research – He’s after people to test them and report back! 

Anyone who has subscribed to his Patreon can apply to become a tester, with some followers already giving it a crack!

“The feedback has been so amazing. I sent two different types of toys to a handful of members and one got a 5-star review… and the other raised a few questions”

Christian has a large array of toys he’s testing, meaning there’s something for everyone!

“I want to sell the best toys that provide the most satisfaction to people. I think it’s super important to ask my audience what they want. No point in bringing something out with out consulting them”.

You can apply by joining his Patreon:

Listen to him show off his first sex toy (The Secret Squirrel), which has received some amazing feedback!


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Wondering what Complete Drivel is? Here’s what Christian had to say:

Well hi there I’m THE Christian Hull!

I’m 30ish, gay and loooove to talk about shit that;  pisses me off, gets me turned on, and confuses me.

Join me every week as I talk about whatever I like, and the wild and weird shit you people send me from deepest darkest corners of the internet. 

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