Reuben Kaye Shares The Items He Stole From A Celebrity Wedding

This week on That’s Enough AlreadyUrzila Carlson was joined by multi-award-winning comedian, singer, and songwriter and someone who she will happily discuss anything with, Reuben Kaye.

In this episode Urzila deep dives into the world of comedy and parenting including a very hilarious (yet mildly uncomfortable) chat about turtle pussy.

As if that wasn’t enough already (pun intended), Reuben shares his past professions, including working on a boat as a butler, not realising it was for Annie Lennox’s wedding. He signed an NDA however he had no idea what was going on until he noticed a TONE of celebrities coming onto the boat, he then saw Annie Lennox in a wedding dress…

“I bullshitted my way into this gig, like I bullshit into everything”

 He also took a few souvenirs from the day like silver-wear and candles. He’s probably just breached his NDA – oops! 

Catch the full story here:

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