Peking Duk Reveal Horrific Sex Story: “There’s Something In My D*ck”

Nothing strengthens the bonds of friendship quite like helping a friend through an awkward situation, right? There may be no situation more awkward than a foreign object taking up residence in your privates.

To quote host Adam Hyde, “This is pretty graphic so putting a little disclaimer out there.”

On the latest episode of Peking Duk Podcast co-host Adam recounted a story of a friend who, after a romantic encounter with someone in Sayulita Mexico felt a fire in his loins, and not in the way the great poets wrote about.

Adam’s friend (whose name was mercifully changed for the episode) exited the bathroom of a party after a romantic entanglement. Though he didn’t look love lorn. He looked panicked, repeating one phrase to his friend; “I need to go to the hospital. I need to go to the hospital. I need to go to the hospital.”

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Through hyperventilating gasps and a myriad of profanities, Ken managed to communicate to his bestie that he felt like something was “stuck” in his penis.

Far braver than a gladiator, Ken took himself to the bathroom, with words of encouragement but no actual help from his friend Bob. He screamed. He cried.

You may be asking yourself how? why? who? Or maybe the most important question we should be asking is: is Ken okay?!

Take a listen to the horrifying story below:

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