Mary Coustas Opens Up About Her 10-Year IVF Journey Before Falling Pregnant 

According to IVF Australia, one in six couples experience trouble conceiving; a reality Australian actress Mary Coustes knows all too well. 

The comedian, actress and writer – best known as her character ‘Effie’ – joined Wil Anderson in the latest episode of his Everyone Relax podcast Wilosophy, where she opened up about her family, racism and career.

Speaking about her life philosophy, Mary cited her nearly decade-long struggle to fall pregnant as a time in her life where she was challenged but refused to give up. 

“I’ve had a lot of great moments in life and I’ve had a lot of dark very challenging moments,” she shared.  “I remember after almost 10 years of trying to become a mum, and 23 IVFs, and many losses along the way, I finally gave birth to a healthy child.” 

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“There were a lot of people that were showing me graphs or telling me what the odds were,” she continued.  “I knew if I stayed in the game, I could get the result, but could I stand the agony and tortue and heartbreak? I thought I was done, but I went one more time.” 

Take a listen below: 

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