Hughesy made a mean joke about his daughter's dancing.

Hughesy’s Mean Joke About Daughter’s Dance Concert

A mean joke did the rounds on Hughesy, Ed & Erin this morning about Hughesy’s daughter’s dancing.

She’s been the star of her school concerts for a while now, and Hughesy’s made his thoughts about it public.


We work hard on those dances all year.

Tess Hughes – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Hughesy’s Amazon Special Ridiculous has been streaming for most of 2023 to rave reviews.

What makes his standup so special is his honesty and blunt observation.

So when he made a comment about how he feels about his daughter’s dancing concert on the special, he was forced to address it.

He recently attended his daughter’s latest concert that he as greatly impressed by, and an apology became necessary.

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“Not only are you willing to say it publicly, but you will go on nationally televised things seen by millions of people, that you’re getting paid for,” said Ed Kavalee.

They revealed the joke on air before Tess joined Hughesy, Ed & Erin on air.

Maybe this is why people don’t answer his phone calls!

Listen to the joke and apology in the hilarious audio above.

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