Discover ‘The Rags To Rhinestones’ Story Of Dolly Parton In New Podcast

Happy Birthday Dolly! 

They call her the Backwoods Barbie, the Smokey Mountain Songbird, the Queen of Country music, and even the ‘Dolly Lama’; but what made Dolly Parton the icon we know today? 

In celebration of Dolly’s 77th birthday this January 19, Jacob Stanley is guiding us through Dolly’s incredible ‘rags to rhinestones’ story in the latest episode of Just The Gist! 

She is one of the greatest legends in entertainment history. One of the most beloved people on the planet. Probably the most beloved person on the planet.

There is a whole university course and a podcast series that just examine Dolly’s allure and her universal popularity because everyone, regardless of your walk of life, regardless of your religion, upbringing, age, ethnicity, chances are you love Dolly Parton, even if you don’t particularly like country music.

Whether this is your introduction to Dolly or you’re already a fan, you’ll definitely come away from this one with another level of appreciation. 

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Listen below: 

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