Nick Cody laughing with a throwback photo of Daniel Sloss and Nick Cody reunited in Vegas. Fifi in circle looking shocked

Comedian Daniel Sloss Reveals AWKWARD Vegas Strip Club Encounter With Nick Cody

Comedian Daniel Sloss reveals the lengths it took for him and Aussie funnyman/best friend Nick Cody to survive their only time at a local strip club in Las Vegas. Sloss had recently enjoyed a bucks party in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, which Fifi, Fev & Nick’s Nick Cody attended. Upon Cody’s return, he was strapped to a lie detector revealing he did not attend a strip club during his time.

We invited Sloss to join Fifi Fev & Nick to explain in detail the reason why a wild night from six years ago, was the reason why their ‘strip club’ experience was their first and last time.

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Hear details of the WILD night here:

“We both don’t like strippers, it’s not for me” Sloss began to explain

“[Nick] touched my knee and said ‘Honey, you’re barking up the wrong tree'”

Fifi went on to ask whether they had fun during their time in Vegas.

“None that I can repeat on morning radio you psychopath!”

Sounds like they had an entertaining time!

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