Are Fairy Schnitzels The New Party Staple?

What do you get when you cross an Australian party staple – Fairy bread, with a pub classic? You get a Fairy Schnitzel.

After finding a chicken sized hole in the market for a celebratory schnitzel, Matt Okine and Alex Dyson from the Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast podcast have invented The Fairy Schnitz, a chicken schnitzel combined with the best part of fairy bread – 100s & 1000s.

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For one night only Matt and Alex invited the people of Melbourne to try this new legend of the Australian party food world at Bells Hotel South Melbourne. Including endorsements from celebrities; Sophie Monk, Matt Preston, Marty Sheargold, Tanya Hennessy, Linda Marigliano and more!

Find out below what people thought of this soon-to-be Australian staple and follow along to see where this must-try culinary delight will pop up next.