Aunty Donna Teams Up With ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Chaos Ensues

A successful collaboration sees passionate, like-minded individuals coming together to accomplish the impossible...

This is not one of those.

In the latest episode of The Aunty Donna Podcast, Zach, Broden and Mark called their close friend / music legend Weird Al Yankovic to get an expert’s opinion on their band’s (The TesteCools) catalogue of unique, unreleased parody songs.

While the boys originally set out to learn from the King of the Parodies (TM), their chat quickly became a mutually beneficial learning experience, with Aunty Donna educating Al on the nuances of Red Rooster, Matt Preston and the soul-consuming Croquembouche.

You know, the dish which knocked out Poh in Season 1 (we think…)!

Being portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in a multi-million-dollar feature-film may leave some people big-headed, but it’s safe to say Mr Yankovic has evaded the greasy grips of ego, providing the boys with some constructive criticism in the way only Al knows how.

Listen to the newest episode of The Aunty Donna Podcast:

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