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Police Whistleblower Calls For Immediate Change On Youth Crime

In a revealing interview with Triple M Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan, an anonymous senior police officer exposes the critical challenges faced in combating youth crime.

The so far unheard voice in the fight of youth crime, the senior police officer agreed to speak up on the issues under the guarantee of being kept anonymous. 

“I think it’s something (youth crime crisis) that needs to be addressed from our perspective, the issue that we have is that effectively we are not allowed to talk publicly, so a lot of our feelings and beliefs are hidden behind closed doors.” he said.


The officer highlights the alarming trend of offenders as young as 11-years-old are engaging in dangerous activities, exacerbated by lenient bail conditions and a lack of parental guidance.

“There can be youth offenders from a 11 years of age upwards and that consists of both males and females. 

“They do put the community at significant risk because with their age and considerable lack of driving skills they still believe that they possess exceptional driving skills and drive at speed dangerously. 

“When you see an 11-year-old that’s gone through a speed camera and they can barely see over the steering wheel that creates an issue.” he said.

He said urgent measures are needed to address the root causes of youth crime, including early family intervention and stricter penalties for repeat offenders.

He urges that government intervention is essential and there needs to be a reform to Youth Justice Legislation.

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