Can Drinking Tea Really Make You Live Longer?

One thing we know about tea drinkers is that they like to sell you on why tea is better for you than coffee or the many health benefits associated with regular tea consumption; one of these myths is that tea can make you live longer – but is there any truth to this? 

Most teas are made from the Camellia sinensis plant, which experts believe is native to south west China and northern Myanmar. These leaves are. Oxidised before being plunged into hot water which causes substances to be released. 

Depending on how long the tea is oxidised is what differentiates teas from on another. For example, black tea is oxidised for a long period of time while green tea is oxidised for less time. 

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But are there any proven health benefits to drinking tea on a regular basis? Science journalist Ellen Phiddian reveals some of the most interesting facts about tea including whether it has the power to make you live longer. 

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