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Payne Haas Set To Be The Highest-Paid Player In Broncos Club History With Astonishing Figure

Dobbo from The Rush Hour with Leisel, Liam & Dobbo has revealed there are extensive negotiations underway to extend Payne Haas’ contract, which will make Haas the highest paid player in Broncos history.

Haas was booed by Brisbane fans just 12 months ago after it emerged his management requested an immediate release from the Broncos. Afterwards it was revealed Haas hadn’t asked for a release and instructed his agent to put all contract negotiations on ice.

Now, twelve months later, Dobbo reveals on The Rush Hour with with Leisel, Liam & Dobbo there is a major contract extension in the works for Hass, with a record-breaking contract figure.


“Payne Haas is going to be a Bronco for many years to come, his management and the Broncos are well down the track on an extension on his contract” said Dobbo.

“It’s a long-term deal and it would make him the richest player in the history of the Broncos.

Remember there has been a million-dollar player before, Anthony Milford, well Payne Haas will surpass that by plenty.

“He is elite, in the top three or four forwards in the game and he is so significant to the Brisbane Broncos now because they lost Flegler.

“They’ve got Carrigan and the Carrigan and Payne Haas one-two punch is crucial to their success.

“Payne Haas wants to be a winner, he wants to go somewhere where they’ll challenge for a premiership,” revealed Dobbo.

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