‘Again Factually Incorrect’: Daisy Thomas Hits Back At Kane Cornes

Daisy Thomas has hit back at Kane Cornes’ comments labelling him a part-timer, calling for Cornes to ‘put his hand up and admit that he’s got things wrong’.


“I questioned his comments, and it may have been 12 months ago, but they’re still factually, statistically, completely incorrect,” Daisy said on Triple M’s Midweek Rub.

“We got asked about them by Jay-Z on Sunday, got asked about them on Monday, so I don’t think he needs to flatter himself with the fact that I’m just purely sifting through his crap and what he’s saying to have a hot take.

“It’s not a hot take, it was purely just a discussion in and around saying that Tim Taranto isn’t in the top 150 players is completely factually and statistically incorrect.

“For [Kane Cornes] to come out and say ‘I’m sick of these media types having opinions on other media types’ opinions’, what is going through his brain at the moment?

“That is the entire industry, that’s a space that he lives in probably more-so than any of us.

“At the moment, his lack of want to put his hand up and admit that he’s got things wrong, this is clearly one of those situations.

“He fell in behind the Jack Ginnivan pile-on, he started the one with Jason Horne-Francis and wouldn’t put his hand up and say he was any part of that.

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“The only thing this does to Kane Cornes is start to damage what people think of his credibility and his statements.”


Cornes slammed Daisy on Footy Classified, calling him a ‘part-time’ pundit that needs to ‘get up early’ and ‘watch the games’.

“I take exception to the fact that he started to call me a part-timer, that’s again factually incorrect,” Daisy responded.

“I don’t watch enough football? Well he obviously has no idea how I prepare for my weekends of football because I’d watch so much more football than he’d ever cast an eye on.

“I will continue to stick up for players too, because as someone who’s been in that space, you don’t really have a voice as a player.

“Tim Taranto is a fantastic player at the Richmond footy club, is clearly within the top 150 in the league. So for us to sit there, we’d be not doing our job correctly if we didn’t stand up for it.”

Daisy, Damian Barrett and Joey Montagna also discussed the biggest talking points from the weekend of footy on the Midweek Rub, including Jacob van Rooyen’s appeal and Matty Rowell’s grass diet.


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