Tommy Little Jinxes Tim Tszyu’s Dog Bite

Ahead of their KeBoxing match on Carrie & Tommy’s national radio show, Tommy Little sat down with Australian professional boxer Tim Tszyu and discussed the dirty tactics he’d stoop to in order to gain victory over the Interim World Champ

“Have you ever been bitten by a chihuahua?”

In their back-and-forth banter, Tim Tszyu acknowledged Tommy’s threat, even comparing it to ‘The Mike Tyson’ – a tactic infamously used by Mike Tyson in his bout against Evander Holyfield, where Iron Mike bit into his opponent’s right ear, tearing off a piece of cartilage and spitting it into the ring.

Hear Tommy’s and Tim’s eerily prophetic exchange, here:

This comes just days before reports that Tim Tszyu has suffered a laceration to his right forearm after a dog bite on Saturday, leaving the 28-year-old requiring attention from the team doctor and a surgeon.

With three weeks to go until his high-stakes bout against Mexico’s Carlos Ocampo, Tim’s camp have informed the public that he’s doing “ok” and have reassured everyone that he’ll be more than ready on June 18 to take on Ocampo.

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