Roger Kerr and Sam Kerr with Roxanne

Proud Dad Roger Kerr On Sam’s Injury And Heart-Stopping Quarter-Final Penalty Shootout

Proud dad Roger Kerr is ‘ecstatic and very nervous’ for daughter Sam Kerr ahead of the highly anticipated Women’s World Cup semi-final between Australia v England.

He joins Roo, Ditts & Loz to give some insight behind Sam’s injury, her rise to success and how he felt for the Matildas during the penalty shootout.


Debuting for Australia at 15 years old, Sam Kerr is no stranger to high-pressure tournaments, making this her 4th World Cup.

But nothing could prepare her or her father for that calf injury which saw her benched until the 55 minute mark.

“What a day to have an injury, a calf injury, shattered everyone and the team,” Roger said.

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Roger expressed his nervousness about Sam’s late in the game injection and the fateful moment…the penalty kick.

“Mate I just ran to the toilets, I couldn’t watch it,” Roger said.

“Not very tough…I just ran!”

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