‘Obviously Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire’ | Will New Zealand Get State Of Origin?

Brent Read explained on Triple M NRL how New Zealand could gain a State of Origin match.


Neutral venues aren’t anything new to the famed battle between New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons, though the series has never featured across the ditch.

With fans showing an appetite for the idea, specifically seeing more of a relevance compared to more traditional AFL cities such as Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide, it might be more realistic than a hope.

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‘Obviously where there’s smoke, there’s fire and that stuff doesn’t just emerge,’ said Read.

‘[The NRL] have showed that they are happy to play one game at a neutral ground

‘I think there’s a view that New Zealand deserves one given what they did during COVID and that at some point down the track, they might be looking at bringing in a second team from New Zealand.’