“I Think Stefano Will Go To Market” | Brent Read On Stefano Utoikamanu’s Future

Stefano Utoikamanu could be the latest Tigers player to be on the move at the season’s end.

Brent Read revealed that Stefano has an appetite to test himself on the open market despite the Tigers interest in looking up the front rower long term.

“The Tigers are going to put an offer into him, a long term offer extension they want to keep him obviously – that hasn’t happened yet.” said Read

“I expect that to happen in the next week or two, I don’t think Stefano will take it – I think Stefano will go to market. Obviously depends on whether he plays origin with when he can go to market.”

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“If he doesn’t play origin, then he’s got an ability to go to market basically after
whenever they’re mathematically out of finals contention.”

Stefano has a clause allowing him to look elsewhere if the Tigers miss the finals or if he doesn’t make two appearances in Origin this year.