How A Punting Six-Year-Old Ray Warren Found His Inspiration | “I Thank God My Dad Did”

One of Australia’s crown jewels in sports broadcasting, most notably amongst Rugby League fans Ray Warren sat down with The Howie Games and shared a funny yarn about how his humble commentary career started. 

“Well Dad let me have my first bet when I was six,” started Warren as Mark Howard laughs in the background.

“[It] Was the AJC Derby of 1949.”

“I backed a maiden and maiden’s aren’t supposed to win derbies, and it won, at 20 to 1.”

“I won 10 Shillings.”

Rabs explained that the SP bookmaker (illegal bookmakers) would come around to the Warren home, take his parents bets and would come back at the beginning of the following week with their returns if they have won.

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Though, regardless of opinions surrounding a six-year-old having a punt under many illegal clouds, his newfound love of horse racing proved to be the catalyst for inspiration.

“I thank God [my Dad] did because it led me down this path.”

“At 7 or 8 I had this big tin of marbles.”

“I kicked the tin one day and the marbles went everywhere.”

“The marbles all rolled towards the side door down a piece of lino.”

“If I take all the different coloured ones, I can roll them down this slope and calling them as horses.”

“That’s how it started.”

Maybe old fashioned parenting is still the way to go.