“There’s Still Concern Over The Direction” | Brent Read With Update On Brad Fittler’s NSW Future

Brent Read joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell and gave a big update on the future of NSW Blues boss Brad Fittler.


A meeting is scheduled between Fittler and NSWRL to discuss his position, and then an internal meeting will take place but coming off two consecutive losses has Blues fans desperately curious to see what the plans for 2024 will be.

“There’s a lot of talk that he’ll get another year but it all depends on how that meetings go.

“There’s [still] a lot of concern of where the direction is going.”

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Fittler though made a statement in the third match of this series, a dead rubber but still got a much important result.

Yet, many attribute it to current Penrith Panthers boss Ivan Cleary being involved in the camp.

“What he has to be really smart about is how he explains his coaching staff,” said Ready.

“If he’s smart he’ll reach out to Ivan.

“If I got again I want Ivan with me… this will help his cause incredibly.”