‘Should’ve Spoken About It Then’: Aaron Woods, Wade Graham React To Kalyn Ponga’s Toilet Cubicle Response

NRL stars Aaron Woods and Wade Graham both believe Kalyn Ponga should’ve addressed his infamous toilet cubicle incident from last season much sooner after the Knights star only spoke publicly on the matter for the first time this week.


Ponga, who was out for the season at the time due to medical advice following repeated head knocks, last August made headlines for the wrong reasons when he was seen walking out of a pub toilet cubicle with teammate Kurt Mann.

While the 24-year-old claims Mann was there to assist him after falling sick, he admitted to reporters on Monday that he “shouldn’t have been out in the first place.”

“A lot of self-reflecting over the off-season,” Ponga told reporters.

“It was a period that I will look back on and hopefully down the track, and even now, it is probably one of the most difficult moments of my life.

“I have learnt a lot from that time. I have put things in place that will help me be a better person and hopefully a better leader. I shouldn’t have been out in the first place.”

Woods said it was disappointing to see the matter still playing out in the public.

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“It’s happened however long ago, but thinking about it, he’s the club captain,” Wood said on LiSTNR’s Footy Talk League Podcast. “You can’t hide, you have to come out and front foot it.

“He should’ve spoken about it then… now it’s dragged out six or eight months, however long it’s been.”

Woods, a former captain of the Wests Tigers, urged Ponga to remember the responsibilities that come with being a captain and face of the club.

“When your club captain and you’ve got sponsors and all that you’ve got to look after, you’ve got to front foot all these things,” he said.

“I love him as a player, I love watching him play… but you’re not a kid. You’ve got to grow up, you’re a captain and face of the club. You’re a superstar of the game and one of the highest earners.”

Graham added: “I agree with Woodsy… it’s better to address it straight away.

“Say what you have to say and move on.”