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Matildas Demand Equal Pay For World Cup – Is This Realistic?

As the countdown to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup heats up the debate about pay equality between male and female athletes has again reared its head. 

The Matildas release a video yesterday calling on football’s leading organisations to further invest in women’s game and to rectify the inequity in prize money.

Speaking on Triple M Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan, Margaux Parker applauded the Matildas for taking a stand – but are their demands realistic?


“Women keep fighting and keep paving the way, but what needs to change is eyeballs on the game,” Parker said.

“If you want to see women paid more for their participation in sport you need to buy the tickets, you need to go to the games, you need to watch them.

“You need to not only champion them from the sidelines and say ‘Yeah! Go sister, you get it!’ you need to actually encourage your children, your husbands, your sister’s, your brothers, your aunts and uncles anyone that you can, to get their eyeballs, get to games and buy the tickets.” she said.

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