Jon Rahm’s apology to Tiger Woods after his reaction at the Ryder Cup

Former world number 1 Jon Rahm has explained what Tiger Woods said to him after he apologised to him after what he calls, one of the biggest over reactions to a four foot putt in golf history.

In the most recent Howies Games podcast with the, reigning US Masters Champion and LIV Golf star recruit Jon Rahm recounted the emotional rollercoaster of his first encounter with golf legend Tiger Woods in an unforgettable Ryder Cup moment.

Reflecting on his Ryder Cup debut, Rahm shared a heartwarming anecdote, revealing an apology to Woods after clinching a victory that Rahm describes as “the biggest overreaction to making a four footer ever in golf.”

The backdrop to this memorable showdown was set against Rahm’s own admission of playing “terrible golf” leading up to the event. However, fate had it that he would face Tiger Woods, a golfer Rahm regards as the greatest of all time and his hero. The pairing sent Rahm’s panic level “to an all-time high,” setting the stage for what would become a historic match.

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Rahm’s victory was sealed with a four-foot putt on the 17th hole, a moment so charged with emotion that it led to what Rahm humorously deems an overreaction. Yet, this reaction was laden with profound personal significance, symbolising not just a point for Europe or a personal victory over his childhood hero, but also a nod to his late grandfather as well as Spanish golf legend Seve Ballesteros, whom Rahm felt were watching over him.

In a gesture of sportsmanship and humility, Rahm turned to Woods immediately after the putt to apologise for his exuberant celebration. Woods’ response was nothing short of gracious, reassuring Rahm that his reaction was well-deserved and earned. “Don’t worry about it, it’s deserved, well earned,” Woods told him in a moment of mutual respect that underscores the deep camaraderie and honour at the heart of the sport.

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