Jon Rahm on his LIV Golf Offer

It was the sporting revelation that sent ripples through not only the golf community but the world of sport when reigning Masters Champion Jon Rahm announced his departure from the PGA Tour to join the ranks of LIV Golf in 2023.

Speaking on The Howie Games podcast, Rahm provided a very rare candid look into the reasoning behind his ground-breaking decision, emphasising the financial aspect, family considerations, and the potential for positive change within the sport.

“I got offered a number that I think very few people in this world would have said no to,” Rahm confessed, shedding light on the lucrative deal that swayed his allegiance to LIV Golf.

Rahm also addressed the criticism often levied at players making the switch, pointing out the dual priorities that guide most athletes’ careers: compensation and competition.

“And to be honest, every athlete in this world usually goes where they get paid the most and where they can win. Luckily, golf is an individual sport. I can still play majors. I can still win. So, I don’t know why that’s such an issue nowadays for golf alone,” he stated, highlighting his continued eligibility to compete in and win major championships despite the tour change.

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The decision wasn’t made lightly, with Rahm describing it as a “family decision” made with full backing from his loved ones after weighing the pros and cons. The move came at a peak moment in Rahm’s career, fresh off his Masters victory and with a five-year exemption for all majors, which he believes marked the perfect timing for such a significant shift.

“My value as a player was an all-time high. I think it was the right time for me to go and maybe be able to make a positive change for the better,” he reflected, suggesting that his transition could pave the way for future reforms within the sport.

LIV Golf Adelaide tournament hits Australia from 26 -28 April at The Grange Golf Club and will also will be broadcast live and free on Network 7.