Flo, The “Cult Hero” Driving The Maroons Success

The Maroons are on the cusp of Game 1, but Lock legend Pat Carrigan has revealed who he believes is the backbone of the Queensland squad.

Flo, their loyal, reliable and trusty bus driver.


“He’s just this big, happy dude” he said of Flo.

“He doesn’t change any hour of the day, he always says, good morning gentleman”

Carrigan told Brisbane’s Stav, Abby and Matt that they insist Flo travels with them wherever they go, also getting the call up to join the team in Adelaide tomorrow night.

“He’s just a cult hero,”

“They used to steal the bus back in the day, maybe they got him in full time to look after that!”

Making his Origin debut in Game 1 in 2022, he went on to win the Wally Lewis Medal as player of the series. 

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In his second series under Billy Slater, Carrigan has formed his own family tradition for when the awaited team selection call arrives.

“I went to my mum and dad’s for dinner because I was there last year when I got the call.”

“I got the call at probably 7:30pm!”

The call, a relief for his mother Carmel after all the hard work put in over his youth.

“My mums a cryer, you know those emotional smile waterworks?”

“She just kept saying I’m so proud of you, I’m proud of you.”

The Queensland Maroons take on the NSW Blues tomorrow night in Game 1 in Adelaide.

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