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Tex Walker On Jordan Dawson Taking Over As Crows Captain

Former Adelaide skipper Tex Walker has weighed in on the prospects of new club captain Jordan Dawson after Rory Sloane stood down from the role.


“It’s great for our footy club,” Tex said on Triple M Breakfast with Roo, Ditts & Loz.

“The last couple of year’s have been very challenging, and we’re certainly heading in the right direction in terms of on-field performance. 

“Sloaney’s decided that it’s time to focus on himself at the back end of his career, and for him to play some good footy for us is a great way for him to lead.

“Jordan’s obviously got some big shoes to fill but i’ve got full confidence that he’ll be able to do the right job for us.”

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“Rory and I have been talking through this for about 6-12 months, what’s best for the footy club, what’s best for Rory, and in the end the conversation just kept finding its way to Jordan Dawson,” Nicks said.

“We recruited Jordy with leadership in mind, when you do your due diligence on players we watched a hell of a lot of his footy, and you could see it sitting behind the goals and watching the way he goes about his footy.

“He’s one of those players that impacts the game when you need someone to impact the game… He’s a very, very good on-field leader.”

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Tex also discussed finals, the pressure of playing for a team that’s struggling and more.

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