“It’s Really Upsetting”: Abbey Holmes Hits Out At Media Coverage Of Post-Game Lachie Neale Kiss

Abbey Holmes says the media coverage of her post-game kiss with Brisbane’s Lachie Neale has been “really upsetting” and a “non-news story”.

Abbey joined Footy Talk on Monday with Ryan Daniels, where Ryan had to hit her with a question about a news story that came out over the weekend.

The two friends shared a kiss on the cheek after their post-game interview the weekend before last.

“There’s a lot of conversation about Lachie Neale,” he began.

“How dI haven’t heard your thoughts on this, because it’s become a pretty big story. But how are you sitting with this moment?”

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And Abbey had a fair few thoughts…

“Kate Halfpenny wrote the article, but does she know my relationship with Lachie? Does she know that he’s a good friend of mine?”


(from 19:15)

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